It’s Beginning to Taste a Lot Like Canned Wine

Counting down the days until Christmas with five cheap cans of wine (and one nice bottle)

Please don’t judge my wrap jobs.

Day 1: December 20th

Wine: Weed Cellars Chenin Blanc & Viognier
Origin: California
Vintage: 2018
Cost: $5

Day 2: December 21st

Wine: Crafters Union Brut Rosé Bubbles
Origin: America
Vintage: No Vintage
Cost: $4

Day 3: December 22nd

Wine: Underwood Pinot Noir
Origin: Oregon
Vintage: No Vintage
Cost: $5

Day 4: December 23rd

Wine: AVA Grace Vineyards Rosé
Origin: California
Vintage: No Vintage
Cost: $5

Day 5: December 24th — Christmas Eve

Wine: Porch Pounder Chardonnay
Origin: Central Coast, CA
Vintage: 2019
Cost: $6

Day 6: December 25th — Christmas Day

Wine: Winderlea Worden Hill Syrah
Origin: Brittan Vineyards, OR
Vintage: 2016
Cost: $60

Stacking Them Up

No annoying list would be complete without a final ranking, so here it is. The following positions were agreed on by both Jill and myself and are thus incredibly official.

Final Rankings:

1st — Worden Hill Syrah from Winderlea (duh)
2nd — Crafters Union Brut Rosé Bubbles
3rd — AVA Grace Vineyards Rosé
4th — Porch Pounder Chardonnay
5th — Underwood Pinot Noir
6th —Weed Cellars Chenin Blanc & Viognier

Final thoughts:

We fully expected to hate at least one or two of these cans, but much to our surprise, that did not happen. While I wouldn’t call any of the cans great, at least one was good, and none were gross. The most common shared trait in the bunch was a kind of bland flatness, which is maybe why we both liked the sparkling dry rosé — the bubbles keep things feeling lively.



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